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Form 53 - Gus Leen Design. Conic Lamp

Form 53 - Gus Leen Design. Conic Lamp

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Inspired by a simple acorn and the curvature of filaments in a ‘dolly light bulb’, the Conic Lamp reflects the curvature found in Nature and this man-made light.

By day the Conic Lamp is an elegant artwork equally at home in a modern residential or commercial setting. By night it transforms into an elliptic light sculpture, using shadow and downlight to create curved, Nature-inspired designs at the lamp’s base; stars, snowflakes, tropical leaves or flowers. The interpretation is left to the imagination. The soft glow of light from the top aperture is intended to anchor the lamp while allowing it to ‘float’ lightly on its base. 

To achieve this specific result, Gus designed a unique five-watt LED array, recessed within the top bracket so it is obscured from sight. The LED light directs to the floor, allowing light to spill evenly through the array of curves. 

This design received a Highly Commended award at the ECC New Zealand Student Craft/Design Awards 2018.


Small: 1200mm H x 480mm W
Large: 1800mm H x 672mm W

Material: Bamboo Plywood

Available in Natural or Black Edge finishes.
Custom colour options are available on request. 


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