Since our architecture-and-build studio started more than a decade ago, Box™ has relied on creative collaboration within the team to imagine and deliver homes that are not only functional and great to be in but uniquely personalised for our clients.



Now we want to spread that net wider, inviting craftspeople, makers, artisans and artists to come together on a new online platform we call Collective by Box™.

Today, this is a small step in the bigger vision to put craft at the centre of house building and home-making.

Keeping it local is key but also... keeping it real. We have a particular fondness for authenticity and hand-crafted objects.

The items in this online store include anything that brings us small moments of joy and resonates with the Box™ team.

For some, these businesses are a side hustle, a start-up, or even an idea yet to be fully commercialised. We’re open minded and excited to be able to nurture homegrown makers & shakers.

We simply want to celebrate and support design innovation, plus unearth some products and pieces that key into the Box™ DNA.

We intend to grow the site organically. So, if you’re a start-up designer or an artist who likes our brand and think you make something that would fit with our thinking, get in touch! It could be the start of a beautiful creative relationship!


The Collective by Box™ Team.