Waiheke Ceramics - Custom Group Class

Waiheke Ceramics - Custom Group Class

At Waiheke Ceramics studio we can arrange a special group lesson for you.

These workshops are always relaxed, fun and creative. 

You will learn the process of pinching, one of the fundamental skills at the basis of ceramic knowledge. 

The key skills you will learn include understanding clay quality and ability, manipulating and shaping using hands as the tools, 3D conception.

This is the first technique to practise and can lead on to great things.

Then you will design and decorate one of our hand made lunch plates using coloured glazes.

This will really bring out your creativity. The pots will be glazed and fired and ready to be picked up or posted in a week

You can bring any refreshments you like. Many groups enjoy a glass of champagne while they work. 

The all inclusive cost for the class is $85 per person and will take 1.5 hours.

The minimum group size is 5 people. We have pinnies if things get messy!

Schedule a custom group class here.

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