The Solo Blacksmith - Knife Making Class

The Solo Blacksmith - Knife Making Class

The Solo Blacksmith - Knife Making Class

About this experience

Bash out a blade from spring steel to use in the kitchen, the field or where ever you need a sharp edge. Be it stone, bronze or steel humans have all ways had knives, time for you to make one for yourself. This one-day knife making class is hosted at the Auckland workshop.

Over the day you will forge a piece of recycled steel into a small paring knife. Use power tools to grind in the shape. Then heat treat to make the steel hard but flexible, and finally fit a wooden handle to make it truly your own. The knives in this course are limited to a blade length of approximately 90mm. Classes start at 8:30am and usually run until 5pm. Further information/instruction will be sent upon booking.

Book online at The Solo Blacksmith.


Mt Albert, Auckland


$250.00 per person


8h 30min


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This class is restricted to people over 16 years old. 

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