Social Light

Social Light

We wanted to breathe life into a product that was designed and manufactured locally by talented craftspeople, that was timeless and classic to ensure longevity and value and that was bold but not overbearing.  The idea behind the design being that sometimes when it comes to lighting Less Is More (L.I.M).

The L.I.M range embodies the ethos of "support local", we use a small business engineer for precision milling of the solid brass, metal polishers for the brushed finish of the brass, cabinet makers hand finish the wooden feature ends then the lights are assembled by us in our female led Waikato based workshop.

It is important to us that the lights are hand made according to the client's preferences - we customise the finish of the brass, the length, the wood finish for the ends and the length of the suspension wires so that the light fits perfectly in the client's chosen space and is unique to them.

The lights are not just form without function, we wanted to be able to control the lighting effect to offer task lighting through to ambient lighting. It was challenging to bring to the market a light with no power cable or drivers visible but the result is simultaneously subtle and striking as the pendant light appears to levitate over any space from an island bench to a boardroom table.

As each light is handmade, get in touch about the perfect custom length for your space.


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