Form 53 - Gus Leen Design

Form 53 - Gus Leen Design

Our Story

Gus Leen is an Industrial Designer based in Timaru, New Zealand. Gus has a passion for creating ambient, sculptural lighting & furniture products in his joinery workshop, situated on his family's farm. Here, Gus designs, prototypes, and manufactures his products, distributing them to stockists & customers nationwide. 

Gus is driven by the design process. Often an idea stems from a conversation or form found in New Zealand's great outdoors. Symmetry, rhythm and balance are the three key defining features imminent in Gus's work. When combined, these aspects inspire innovative forms.

Embarking on a new design typically starts with music, imagining the finer details of what a design may become in Gus's imagination. "Generally, I start with a quick sketch before jumping into computer-aided design (CAD) to properly realise a concept idea". 

From here, a series of technical specifications are drawn and printed, dragged between machines covered in sawdust throughout the workshop before finally becoming superseded by a fully functional prototype sitting on the workbench. "I can obsess over details and tolerances quite easily". "Your average person might never even notice, however the thought of an incomplete aspect of a design leaves me unsettled".

As part of his design process, Gus warrants a fundamental commitment towards minimising the environmental impact his products create. As a determining factor in his design process, Gus aims to endorse material suppliers who conform to sustainable practices. 

To conclude, I hope that my designs are enjoyed and treasured by customers nationwide, creating an atmosphere in their home or commercial setting. I look forward to sharing new designs with you in the near future.




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