Crisp &Co.

Crisp &Co.

Form. Focus. Function.

We’ve got a thing for form and function - marrying beautiful materials with precision fabrication, and a striking aesthetic with multifaceted utility.

Crisp &Co’s process is about care and precision from start to finish.

Our range is made from aluminium sheets and brushed stainless steel; robust materials that are made to last.

All of these materials are laser cut with care and then folded precisely into their respective shape, and once the making has been done, they are powder-coated, brushed, packaged and sent to you in a crisp recycled cardboard box.

The Crisp &Co story kicks off its first chapter with shelves, hooks, holders and rails.

We started placing them in bathrooms and quickly discovered our designs had utility in all rooms of the house - the kitchen, the bedroom, the workshop, and the living areas.


Made to sustain.
Built for keeps.

Our sustainability story is quite straightforward - our accessories have the ability to sustain.

Crisp &Co aim to deliver robust products that are built to last, to entrench an appreciation for longer-lasting, quality New Zealand designed and made products.

This approach is made manifest through the materials we choose and by making informed, conscious decisions based on:

  • Type of use,
  • Length of use
  • Recyclability

    For example, using powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel across our bathroom shelf range allows for the shelves to not only be robust but also impervious to corrosion and rust over time.


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