Brenda Hart

Brenda Hart

BRENDA HART is a botanical artist as well as contemporary jeweller/object maker, living in Auckland.

Brenda is a member of Botanical Art Society of NZ, Friends of The Auckland Botanical Gardens and a member of The Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalist’ Trust.

In the past, she has made work for Te Papa Museum, Auckland Museum, Galleries, Predator Free New Zealand 2050, has also had work selected for NZ OBJECTive Art AWARDS.  In 2019 she was invited to be Artist in Residence at The Auckland Botanical Gardens, celebrating the centenary anniversary of Captain Cook’s voyage to NZ, work inspired by herbarium plants collected by Bank’s and Solander, held at The Auckland Museum.

November 2023 she has been invited to take part with Botanical artists, as Artists in Residence at the Shorebird Centre, producing work for an exhibition to be held at The Miranda Farm Gallery.

Artwork, botanical and birds, is also influenced by nature - cycles of our beautiful natural world - using watercolours, pen and ink.

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