Box Design - Letterboxes

Box Design - Letterboxes

Our Story

It started with a simple intent. Let's improve the design of the humble letterbox. Now, here we are two decades later, known for having created New Zealand’s smartest letterboxes that make a real entry statement for any property. They’re more secure, maintenance free and easy to install.

We’ve ticked many functional boxes, while also creating a high quality, dynamic first impression for homes, commercial spaces and apartment complexes. Founded in Christchurch, manufactured in New Zealand, now we’re delivering letterbox solutions all over the world with style.

Simple to install. Sleek design. Solid and secure.


And just in case you were wondering... there is no link between Box Design and Box™, it's just a happy coincidence that we share the same name since their letterboxes go so beautifully with our Box™ houses!


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